Beyond X : 10th Anniversary of La Ciudad de las Ideas

La Ciudad de las Ideas (transl. “The City of Ideas”) is an International “Festival of Brilliant Minds” — a celebration of creativity and curiosity of the human being.

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This year of 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of this landmark event. 

This unique conference takes place in the heart of Mexico with students, entrepreneurs, and visitors from around the world hosted by the city of Puebla, the vibrant city with 6 million residents, and drawing upon the energy and entrepreneurial talent of Mexico City with over 33 million people.

Curator and host Andrés Roemer and co-founder Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego created CDI with the motto: “Don’t believe everything you think.”

Speakers included luminaries and fire-starters such as writer Noam Chomsky, technologist Kevin Kelly, psychologist Esther Perel, Nobel Prize winner David Gross, linguist Steven Pinker, and more than 60 top-list speakers, artists, scientists, humanists, architects, designers, and opinion leaders.

The hosts challenge all participants to dare to analyze, question, criticize, doubt and never stop feeding your curious and inquisitive mind.

Over these ten years, what the co-founders call the “ideastas” have put forward projects and proposals that are achievable and promise a high impact on society’s well-being, fostering emotional intelligence and human development.

For a fourth year, Alphachimp was invited to create “speaker posters” live for each presentation and participated in the artistic and cultural program integrating short films, artistic interventions, media displays, and interactive displays.


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