Speakers Announced for PopTech 2014

PopTech has just announced their list of speakers for October's event, "Rebellion!"


Here is a blurb about Rebellion from PopTech's website:

"The spirit of rebellion is at the heart of some of the greatest advances in science, technology, medicine, business, design and more. It’s the fearlessness to cross boundaries, the willingness to deconstruct norms, the vision to identify opportunities in areas overlooked. It’s about leadership, courage and the instincts to grow, adapt and persevere. At PopTech 2014, we're celebrating the rebellious possibilities that drive us ever forward."

To see a full list of speakers (and keep up as new speakers come on board), click here.

All of us at Alphachimp are looking forward to yet another brilliant conference of the Great Thinkers of our time!

And speaking of Brilliance...

PopTech 2013 "Sparks of Brilliance" brought us yet another innovative and powerful group of speakers from all over the world! The topics they explored took us through scientific breakthroughs, social revolutions, artistic expressions, technological breakthroughs, and personal resilience. 

Our very own Graphic Facilitator Extraordinaire, Peter Durand, was on hand to provide a visual representation for every presentation.

To get everyone amped up for next year's event, we'll be posting the artwork and video from each of last year's presentations here

Be watching the blog each Thursday to fill your brain and soul with excellence (and learn something new)!