HumanGeo: Calling All SuperNerds

This video was produced to express a company's unique culture and to recruit talent.

HumanGeo is a data visualization firm in Virginia founded by US Special Forces veterans. They are hiring what they describe as "supernerds" and want to attract smart data scientists and programmers who also enjoy their work. They describe their company and culture as such:

HumanGeo is a unique technology company with a focus on data, services and products positioned at the intersection of Big Data applications, social media analytics, and geospatial visualization. The HumanGeo formula combines the diverse experience of our interdisciplinary team of world class software engineers and analysts applying imagination and creativity to fashion innovative data solutions in complex data. Our mission is to pioneer innovative technology and data solutions that reduce risk and enhance the quality and speed of decision making.

They are so fun and effective that they have been selected as one of the Best Places to Work in Virginia for 2015 by Virginia Business Magazine.

So we decided to have a ton of fun with their team. Each member picked out a Super Nerd character with unique super powers (for example Python Man) allowing our illustrator and animator to layer in lots of visual jokes and puns.

Production Team

Script & Project Management: Stacy Cohl
Voiceover: HumanGeo
Illustration: Michael Cribbs
Animation: Evan Barnett