Alphachimp Emergency Vehicle Purchased

Thanks to everyone in the Alphachimp Studio Network for once again making the impossible possible.

This spring and summer have been busy with bizarre challenges, interesting new projects (including animation) and frantic last-minute requests (Hey! Keep'em comin'!).

Launa passed on to me that Drew D. suggested an ambulance as the company car.

So, thanks to Ebay and the internets, I have purchased a custom-built red raised-roof 1971 Chevrolet Suburban Sentinel ambulance from Langford's Funeral Home in Jonesboro, Arkansas (see photo).

Unfortunately, it only gets 4 miles to the gallon and they forget to clean it out after its last job in 1988.

So, it will be on display in my mother's driveway until further notice.

Thanks team!

Surprise form the Street: Art!

Few artists can walk past an empty lot, deserted building or blank wall without dreaming of the possibilities afforded by all that open space. Here is a flavor of some "artoneers" who are claiming urban blight as free range gallery space.

Article by Bill McGraw | December 18, 2007

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With an artistic storefront, the artist known as Dabl attracts customers to his store, Dabl's African Bead Gallery, at Vinewood and Grand River. He sells thousands of African beads, some more than 300 years old, he says. (ERIC SEALS/DFP)

Aaron Timlin, CAID's executive director, added: "There's a pioneering attitude. There are so many things artists can do in Detroit because it is so spread out. Throw up a sculpture on a vacant lot. Performance art. Detroit is a big empty canvas."

The spiritual godfather of the grassroots art scene is Tyree Guyton, whose internationally known installation around Heidelberg Street on the near East Side attracts visitors every day. Guyton's artwork deals with how abandonment affects a neighborhood -- and decay is central to the work of a number of artists.

In Detroit, there are people who draw attention to abandonment by painting gutted homes orange or attaching orange traffic cones to them. There is Larry Zelenski, who produces greeting cards with lovingly enhanced photos of abandoned houses. And there is Kevin Joy, who paints cartoons, Mayan-style hieroglyphics and other wacky images on abandoned houses and in the windows of vacant downtown buildings.

Alphachimp is a Katalyst!

Alphachimp graphic facilitator, Jim Nuttle, got a great shout out from speaker, author and agent for social change, Kevin Carroll.
Novel Graphics
October 09, 2007 | Posted by KC

The Nursing Leadership Congress

The Nursing Leadership CongressThe Nursing Leadership Congress

These amazing drawings of my presentation were done by a graphic facilitator, Jim Nuttle from Alphachimp Studio, Inc. He was a member of a team of artists who captured the entire Nursing Leadership Congress (in Chicago, IL) sponsored by McKesson Corporation, via illustration. Jim & the Alphachimp team created a wonderful way for the attendees to view their work/ideas in a much more dynamic manner - much better than reviewing "traditional" meeting notes.

What an ARTIST! (Thanks for getting my "right" side too, Jim!)

What's your Red Rubber Ball?!