The 100th Chimp at Tacugama


Tompey arrives in the late evening at Tacugama


Bala Amarasekaran abandoned his original career as an accountant to establish Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in 1995. Together with the Government of Sierra Leone, he is working to secure the welfare and future of chimpanzees in Sierra Leone.

Sadly 100 – Tacugama: The 100th chimp was rescued two days ago! A tiny girl. Hardly 1 year old. Arrived dehydrated, weak, with deep scars under her neck and hips caused by the ropes cutting through the poor girl’s flesh….and I have seen those “helpless”, “all lost” eyes many times before!

An employer of the Sierra Rutile mines felt sorry for the baby and had bought it from a hunter. The little girl was called “Tompey”

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