We, Who Used to Rock, Salute You

You know you have crossed an invisible border in your life, when the decade in which you had the most fun suddenly becomes an entire genre of music. For me, seeing that "the Best of the 90's" is now a 24/7 feed on XM Radio along with the Trucker Station makes my joints ache (Vioxx where have you gone?!).

Ten years ago this year, I was living in Krakow, Poland having a grand time doing all the unhealthy things we grow nostalgic for as time goes by and arteries harden��smoking, drinking, moping, looking for love.

Somehow, with appallingly low language skills in Polish, I stumbled into a job as a DJ on RMF-FM, broadcasting live from Kopiec Kosciuszko (translated as "Kosciuszko's Mound").