Whodunnit Pundit

As has become customary in this political season, the fake news pundits have assessed the situation far more effectively than the blue background, hi-tech talking heads of network news. (Although I was impressed by Tim Russert's use of a digital tablet and stylus to tally electoral votes!)

The Onion, of course, exhibits more editorial prowess in this article on a fictitous group of international voting observers, than the entire Wall Street Journal did on the electoral process.

"Despite the specter of corruption in 2000, and even though the procedural problems which surfaced during the previous election were never remedied, the American people chose to put their faith in the system once again this year," said Joseph Mtume, a Kenyan diplomat who traveled to Ohio to view America's democratic proceedings. "You can't help but feel touched by the determination of these citizens who put their doubts aside to collectively participate in the democratic process. All this in a nation divided by war, where dissent is widespread and the rift between citizens has rarely been higher. It was truly stirring."

Compare this [once agian fictitous] account with an account of the intimidation and suspicion directed at a real group of visiting international observers described in the article by Thomas Crampton of the International Herald Tribune titled Global Monitors Find Faults.

Ethan Zuckerman records African reactions to this election and the processes behind it.