Bonfires with ID Fuel

ID Fuel ( is one great site where product ideation meets communal on-line design. This summer they initiated their designers' challenge, known as a Bonfire, around the notion of improving the airline travel experience, themed as Hassle Free Travel.

ABOVE: The winning entry from Nathan Lynch & Lea Miller, Florida, USA

The juried winners were truly inspired, and included:

  • Smart Luggage Tag, a Bluetooth luggage tag that communicates with your cell phone.

  • Garment classification system, which addresses the anxiety felt waiting in sluggish lines by arming every citizen with a way to determine beforehand whether or not they are going to cause the dreaded beep.

  • RFID Item and Child Management, RFID devices that, if separated more than twelve feet from the base receiver, sound an alarm to notify the user.

  • Fun Personal Rocker for entertainment while standing in security lines,

  • Security Checkpoint Re-design that places metal and explosive detection pads discreetly so as to minimize physical and visual distress to passengers going through security.

  • Airline Art Museum that turn terminals into independant art galleries which sponsor works from the community, and raise funds through sale of the art.

  • Searchable Wrapping Paper a new kind of elastic, velcro-closeable, re-usable wrapping for gifts that could be applied after you want through security.

    The current Bonfire aims to address and innovate new-tech closures, from buttons and Mason Jars, to zippers and zip-closure bags for Clip-n-Seal It! Entries due January 15.

    Thanks to the founders and editors at ID Fuel, Dominic, Elliott, Beth, Craig and Willy!