Alphachimp Studio Speaks on Enhancing Knowledge Capture

"Why do we recommend this event? This talented duo effectively enhances a presentation."
~ Techyevent

PRESENTATION: "Graphic Facilitation for Enhancing Knowledge Capture and Communication" with Peter Durand and Alicia Diane Durand, Alphachimp Studio, Inc.

Time:March 14, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Venue:Pittsburgh Technology Council Building, 2000 Technology Drive
Joint Meeting: Pittsburgh Chapter, Society for Technical Communication and Pittsburgh Regional Knowledge Management Consortium


QUALIFICATIONS: Alphachimp Studio Inc. is a creative consultancy that specializes in Graphic Facilitation, Web Documentation and Information Graphics to improve the efficiency, energy and productivity of conferences, meetings and collaborative design sessions. To develop their unique approach, Peter and Diane Durand have combined backgrounds in theater, visual learning, systems thinking, web design, information graphics and storytelling with their experience as knowledge workers at the Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Accelerated Solutions Environment.

WHY ATTEND: Enhanced understanding for effective communication.

IDEAL FOR: Anyone responsible for effectively communicating to large groups.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Methods for Graphic Facilitation (Mind Mapping, Complex Systems, Shared Experiences), and Web Documentation (Electronic Invitations, Rapid Ideation, Information Graphics, Surveys, Web Journals, Blogs) will be illustrated. 

WHAT'S UNIQUE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM? Alphachimp Studios enhances verbal presentations with realtime art to enhance audience learning. This presentation is based on case studies of their work and experience. Peter and Diane of Alphachimp will demonstrate what they do and how it dovetails with the information and knowledge needs of groups and organizations.

BOTTOM LINE BENEFIT? Grasp the subtlties of more learning/retention in less time.

FEE: $20 non-members/$15 members/$10 for students and unemployed

REGISTER: RSVP by March 9 to Darlene Mullenix
PHONE: 412-288-8676