Sundance Shorts

Don't miss out on the Sundance Film Festival... especially the fun and freaky (and free!) on-line shorts.

Definitely one of the standouts is Beyond Iraq directed by Tom Eldridge, which shows wounded vets conquering their injuries through conquering the slopes.

Studio 360's Kurt Anderson has a quality interview podcast with founder Robert Redford on his evolution from leading man to leading the vanguard for innovative and independent cinema.

From the interview:

"There is a darker strain in my heritage, or a perversity, whatever - I always believed my whole life if things got too good, maybe it's time to stop. Because you want to be careful you don't fall in love with either success or yourself. I felt with that kind of success at the end of a very productive decade of work, it was maybe time to stop, take a pause and go back to zero a little bit and think about what I was going to do next; but beyond that, maybe give something back.

"And I came up with the idea for the Institute, as a workplace for young artists, for having a place to work, because that's what I would have liked. And then, focus on independent film because it was a category that was pretty much dead at the time. It was pretty much in the academic realm of NEH and NEA grants, which is great. But it's small sphere."

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