Alphachimp Newsletter: May 2006

Announcing our first newsletter, The Sedulous Ape!

-- Evolutions at Alphachimp
-- Shout Outs
-- Articles
-- Cool Tools
-- Upcoming Events
-- Monkey Stuff
Following news from Alphachimp Studio, there is a summary of articles from The Center for Graphic Facilitation. They touch on everything from earthquakes and pandemics, to an essay on doodling for dollars and cool tools for visual learners.

We also list some upcoming events and--of course!--we have some fun monkey stuff thrown in as well. Blow off the rest of the work day and read every word, or skim for whatever gins your cotton. Have a great day, and please let us know what you're up to!

Until we meet again... Make stuff. Make stuff happen.

Peter Durand, Creative Director
Alphachimp Studio Inc.
work: +412-322-1418
mobile: +412-478-1827
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