Pittsburgh Business Times: Getting Down to Graphics

Tracy Carbasho of the Pittsburgh Business Times did a great job of turning our excited ramblings into a cohesive story about what we do (see article).

"It's not your old corporate meetings where employees listen to the same person drone on,'' said Tim Zak, CEO of the South Side-based Social Innovation Accelerator, a private foundation that supports innovative nonprofit organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania. "Time goes by faster because the events are more engaging with auditory, visual, mental and physical stimulation through team-building exercises, so participants get more involved, more ideas are developed and this results in more productivity.''
We paid him to say that! The photo op in our garden was especially fun--even though the paper chose not to print my awesome karate kicks captured by photographer Joe Wojcik.

(Diane took this during the photo shoot, but it doesn't match the perfect
Bruce-Lee-meets-Nacho-Libre image captured by Joe!)