MissingLink debuts at Idea-Round-Up in Pittsburgh

On September 9, MissingLink made its semi-public debut in housing the content produced during a massive civic enegagement forum in Pittsburgh. [see site]

Idea Round-Up

Our team of three was able to photograph and archive ~350 flipcharts from 18 breakout groups and integrate the text documentation and photos using MissingLink. From start to finish, the post-production ran 12 hours. Normally, this would have taken 2-3 days!

At this one-day event, The Sprout Fund engaged creative young thinkers and regional leaders in a conversation that promotes new thinking about the topics that matter most to our community.Participants engaged in panel discussions and worked in small design groups to generate as many brain-busting ideas as possible. All ideas were welcome-the wacky, the way out, the logical, the needed, the necessary, the fun, and the futuristic.

Rather than a typical civic meeting, The Idea Round Up was a highly visual and highly interactive day with 20 local artists on hand to illustrate all the ideas generated.

The Sprout Fund announced plans to release $100,000 in funding to support projects that grow directly out of the ideas developed during this exciting collaborative design event.

MissingLink was designed by a team of artists and facilitators
who have worked with collaborative teams focused on global strategies.
For years, we have been frustrated by the amount of work that seems to
evaporate as soon as a meeting concludes.MissingLink brings together
the power of browser-based software, file management, keyword tagging,
podcasting and even video broadcasting.

The software was developed by the team of Gradient Labs LLC and Alphachimp Studio Inc.

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