Pop!Tech Live

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This year, the three-day big-ideas bonanza will traverse "The Human Impact," digging deep into "some of the many ways human beings impact - and are impacted by - the world and each other." A rich and diverse group of speakers will discuss the topic, from exploring the core source of ideas to the implementations and actual realization of ideas, and ultimately, how new and novel ideas and bottom-up thinking can and will change the world we live in.

We'll be tapping our keys furiously alongside other live-blogging sites BoingBoing, TreeHugger, NextBillion, and AM Global, with international coverage in native languages by Tiagodoria (Portuguese), Jacky Peng (Chinese), Medeamaterial (Spanish), Global Voices Online (Arabic), This Iranian American Life (Farsi), and Jikimboe (Swahili).

On top of blog coverage-o-plenty, you can sign up to watch and participate in Pop!Tech, streaming live, wherever you are, hanging out in your underwear, given you have a decent connection.