The Digital Divide

From: | December 2007 | By: Linda Tischler
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Why is it so hard for marketers to fully embrace the digital revolution? Old habits die hard, says Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi's worldwide CEO. And there's foot-dragging in all quarters.

Here's what to watch out for:

Scaredy-cat clients. Clients -- from brand managers to CMOs -- are the most risk-averse animals the world has ever seen
Cunning Old Media. The old folks -- TV, radio, print -- already have all their metrics in place.
Geek-o-phobia. Agencies have done a lousy job of integrating digital people into creative departments.
Finance Department Fascists. Because we have a research industry that can't measure or predict emotional involvement, we just fall back on conventional measures of ROI
We need a metric that captures the many nuances of involvement a consumer has for a brand. Nothing warms the cockles of a CFO's heart like an expanding pie chart, or a trend arrow pointing at the heavens. Until we get that, we're stuck trying to quantify thing like "passion" and "love."
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