What does it mean to be a Visual Learner? by Diane Durand

Last week a group of middle school students in took the VARK test to help them understand the best way they learn. 

What is Vark? VARK is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences. These preferences are about the ways that they want to take-in and give-out information. (www.vark-learn.com)

V - Visual

A- Aural


K- Kinesthetic

Yesterday I was invited to come into the classroom and share with them what visual learning means to me.

And so I packed my "Magic Mary Poppins" bag of journals, markers, information graphics, art cards and quilts and headed in to talk about visual learning.

I wanted to share with them that I am a doodler. I have always drawn. I am sure they draw too. It was funny as I started to talk the teacher said, "I want to address the class real quick. I know I just talked with you about doodling and not paying attention in class." She was trying to explain is that you need to doodle for understanding instead of distraction. 

What is doodling? As a visual learner, my pen has to be moving in order for me to be listening. I can not hear if I do not have a pen.

What do I do? Good question. I shared with the students that I draw in front of people big complex business ideas. I draw on the computer for people located around the world so they can "see" what they are talking about. I draw big fancy models with illustrator that are printed out as big posters for companies. I also showed them how I draw for my children. How I take my drawings and routine charts for my kids. How I take a simple drawing and turn it into a quilt. 


Everything about me is visual. It is how I see and communicate with the world. 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with these students. When I left the teacher and students had agreed to get some journals for the class and some cups of pens and markers to have out on the desks for them to take their notes. I wish I had been allowed markers in my classroom and I can only say, "AWESOME!! Keep Drawing!!"