Energy ThinkIn: frogs, chimps & pandas, oh my

neon frog

For those of you interested in how the collaborative design process can be used to change our nation's consumption of energy...

The Energy ThinkIn was hosted in San Francisco on October 27th by frog design and the SmartGrid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC). 

Thinking About Energy, Finding Our Panda

Energy can be a large faceless commodity, making it very difficult for people to understand the correlation between the amounts of energy they consume and how that relates to their actions.

To guide those looking for a better understanding of their energy use, industry experts have turned to the smart meter, the smart grid’s most visible consumer touch point. But the smart meter needs a makeover. 

More than 50 participants from the energy sector and beyond scheduled to attend including representatives from utility companies, the DOE, the electric vehicle industry, clean-tech startups, major IT companies, consultancies, as well as individual contractors, teachers, media and creatives. 

Gonna scribe you, sucka!

Peter Durand of Alphachimp Studio Inc. was on the scene doing live drawing to visually capture the event as it unfolded. 

Matt Wears The Panda

Revealing the Five Key Concepts

After the large group discussion, everyone turned to face five large boards displaying the distilled themes for the breakout groups: "Make it Viral, The E in Me, Leaving a Legacy, Data to Action, and Game-Ville. The five frog facilitators turned the boards to reveal the big concepts generated for the day.

Energy ThinkIn @ frog design

Check out the illustrations of the concepts

The frog content team captured a blow-by-blow description of the event and design process with lots of photos at

SF Giants Stadium the day before the first Game of the World Series

The event was doubly exciting as later that afternoon the first game of the World Series kicked off right across the street at Giants Stadium.

Energy ThinkIn @ frog design

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Energy ThinkIn @ frog design

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