Awesome PopTech Acceleration Goodness

Like the crazy Rube Goldberg machine in this OK GO video, PopTech is a wonderful, eclectic mash-up of disperate moving part performing in orchestrated chaos to bring something wonderful to the world.

Was that a stretch?

Irregardless, the PopTech team and vast network of volunteers, sponsors and partners have pulled together amazing gatherings, projects, conversations and programs that extend throughout the year.

Alphachimp Studio is proud to play a small part at these many gatherings, big and small. Most recently, we participated in the Ecomaterials Lab Innovation Lab at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

The organization has evolved from "merely" an annual conference—a fantastic mosh pit of cutting-edge thinkers and fringe innovators—to a catalyst of action in emergent fields. Here is a smattering of new programs and gatherings:

Video the conference, taking place in Camden, Maine the 3rd week of October, is available online here:

Artwork created live during the annual conference is posted here: /poptech-art/

(BTW, the colorful quartet of OK Go will be performing this year at the conference. Bring your paintball coveralls!)