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PopTech Social Innovation Fellows share there visions

Hope you are having a good time making stuff and making stuff happen.

Just wanted to share an update “from the field” and give a glimpse of how the tools & techniques from our Rockstar Scribe course are being used to design solutions to the world’s toughest challenges. Members of the Alphachimp Team has is in wonderful state of Maine for the annual PopTech conference.

PopTech 2012 Science Fellows with NPR science journalists Soren Wheeler & Joe Palca

In the days before the main conference begins (Thursday Oct. 18th), our team is working with the PopTech Fellows Program.

Social Innovation Fellows - PopTech 2012 - Northport Maine USA

These scientists and social entrepreneurs are described as the “visionary change agents who are hard at work incubating new approaches to the planet’s toughest challenges”.

Kickoff to the PopTech Social Innovation Fellows

As part of this program, the Fellows are exposed to a network of experts, peers, and supporters who can help them truly change the world.

ABOVE: Former Rockstar Scribe student, Dean Meyers, support the PopTech Science Fellows as they learn to take advantage of the latest tools and thinking in technology, communications and innovation We are honored that graphic facilitation is included as a core part of their experience. Because, in the end, we believe that the greatest benefit of graphic recording, visual facilitation, and information graphics is to help people understand complex situation and decide what to do next!

ABOVE: Peter Durand of Alphachimp Studio Inc. scribing for the PopTech Social Innovation Fellow These researchers, designers and entrepreneurs are tackling incredibly complex problems and developing fascinating new solutions, involving data visualization, mobile technology, crowdsourcing, and even unmanned drones to deliver healthcare and other services!

Speaking at PopTech – Andrew Zolli

When we launched our online course, Become a Rockstar Scribe at School or Work, these are the types of people we envisioned helping—folks who dedicate their time, energy and treasure to changing the world.

Learn more oabout the PopTech Fellows Program at



During the PopTech conference (Oct. 18 - 22), we will be offering our Rockstar Scribe Course at a seasonal discount, with an added bonus for educators and practitioners in the non-profit sector.

So if you have been curious about the course and want to incorporate simple, yet powerful, drawing and visual facilitation skills into your world-changing work, check it out.