We are a visual learning company.

Using the power of visual storytelling to illuminate ideas, we spark innovation, guide design thinking, and facilitate strategy development.

We teach individuals and teams how to use graphic facilitation skills to explore complex systems and make better decisions.

Our primary work is the creation of learning experiences that retain the joy and humanity of teaching and working with other primates (including people). 

Each project is a little different. We work with our clients and partners to craft something that fits their business needs or social goals. This ranges from online training and onsite workshops in graphic recording and facilitation or a series of animated whiteboard videos.

We like working with change agents and social innovators looking for creative ways to share ideas and connect with audiences. 

Lead by the original founder, Peter Durand, our studio provides a cluster of inter-related services in the area of visual learning, problem-solving, and innovation. 

We do a lot of different things on a daily basis: